Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet De Rozali

Welcome and meet us, De Rozali. We're a group of fun, funky and scrapaholic ladies. We're pledge to cropping all our lives and we're going to spread the cropping virus everywhere from children to grandparents too......come and join our community for cropping together.....hehehe
De Rozali are (from left to right):

What's the meaning of Rozali? Well, it's kinda coincidence too. One day Key found a sticker in sundanese. The stickers says :ROJALI -Rombongan Jalma Lieur. And that's fit our profile.It means a group of people that's a little bit crazy (in a good way of course). We always having fun everywhere we go, laugh together and eat together also not to forget we always take picture. Well, not always good picture but also fun crazy too that it's embarrassing if i put that here. ^0^
To make the name prettier and fancier wi change the "J" with "Z".

Well, as De Rozali we have a sccrapbook class and want to make a scrap community for the younger age. Hope it will come true.......

If you want to see us, come and visit us @ CraftJazz at Kota Baru Parahyangan 9-11 July 2010.
Or visit as @ Tobucil Jl. Aceh no.56 Bandung to join our scrap class. 


  1. Horeee.............selamat datang De Rozali........when you follow your passion, everything else will fall into places.
    Peluk2 ah buat semua anggota 'a little bit crazy in a good way'.......

  2. aku pikir ROZALI itu nama belakang kalian lho
    ah dasar... ternyata :D
    Welcome The Rozali !!!


  3. hohoo.. akhirnyaaa.. ngeblog juga..

  4. if i were livin in bandung, sure i'd be glad to join your scrap class. congratz for De Rozali! :)

  5. halloo....salam kenal ya....aku suka blog kalian....aku juga senang buat scrappbook loh...., ada bbrp hsl karyaku di ( blog ku )....^^ tlg di follow juga ya...thanksss

  6. Udiiiin...gak sengaja nemu blog iniii...dan aku ketawa ngakak keras bangeeeet niiiiih....hehehehe...sukses terus yah buat de Rozalinyaaaa....
    kapan2 mau deh gabung ke sana...hihihi