Thursday, July 1, 2010

Movies that makes me laugh

After a few months, at last I watched something @ the cinema. The last movie I saw was Alice in Wonderland 3D. And may favourite kind of movie is that can make me laugh and sometimes be romantic or sometimes action too (but not to much of bang bang.....the sounds make my ears hurt, this happen when I saw Public Enemy). And this one have action (enough dose for me), romance and comedic too......
Though many critics says this movie was not that good to watch but it was good enough for me to entertain me......well, the proof was my stomach hurt from laughing a lot....... ^0^
I must take off my hat for Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz for doing the stunt by themself without stunt person. hahahaha...though they're a little bit late don't you think....we know what Jackie Chan do...right?
The funny scenes in this movie for some people maybe it is to cliche, about a damsel in distress and rescued by a prince charming with amazing talent for fighting. Well, the little twist was later in here Summer (Diaz) will rescue the prince Knight (Cruise). And the funniest scene was when he rescue her @ Seville, she said that he didn't look happy to meet here (she said that after being druged with truth serum) and he rushed to her side with gun shot as their backgroung (yeah, I know it is soooooo cliche.....but that's the funny all that situation how could they have the time to kiss????).

Next movie i wanted to watch are :

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