Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Love Teaching

In the past 6 years my profession is teacher. Kindergarten, Play Group and second grade teacher. I loving every moment of it, feels like becoming a mother for several children at once and for a few hours every day 5 days a week. The children teach many things to me, so it just not I teach them but they've become my teacher too.
No one can picture me teaching little children especially I never have the patient or the urge to close with little children. My friends quite impressed with that.

Recently, I expanding my teaching experience to teaching scrapbooking @ TOBUCIL. I wanted to build a community of scrapper at my home town. Most of my scrapper are mothers or crafter. But today's class my scrapper were children, range from 6 to 12 years old + my new scrapper buddy too.
Look at how serious they working their own page. The wonderful thing about children are they willing and dare to explore many things without many excuses. We should learn that from them. Other things too, they want to try and finish the work with their own sweat. Cool, girls........keep on it. Though sometimes, they shout "please help, this one is hard" or they sighing because they tired after cutting so many letters for their page tittle. But, they didn't give up and continue to work it out until they's finished.

This is the process making "10 Things About Me". Lulu, Zahra, Andrea, Zenas, Pacha and Imey were thinking hard about those 10 things, they're really really thinking hard.
Loving their process of creativity !

Here are they with their scrap page "10 Things About Me" (well, not all of them make journaling about 10 things....but that's the theme).
Look at their face......this pic make my heart warm and happy and I can't stop smiling all day......
Thank you, dear friends!

See you all soon ^0^


  1. Good for you,'s a warm fuzzy feeling looking at that proudly little faces, right?

  2. aku dukung 1000%. terima kasih ya sudah membawa semangat scrapbook dan art journaling ke tobucil.. bara lama menyala kembali nih.. jadi semangat untuk ber-art journaling lagi.. thanks :)

  3. satujuh pisan dien, seruu bikin scrapbook bareng anak2, lihat antusiasme mereka, mantabbb lahh :D