Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet De Rozali

Welcome and meet us, De Rozali. We're a group of fun, funky and scrapaholic ladies. We're pledge to cropping all our lives and we're going to spread the cropping virus everywhere from children to grandparents too......come and join our community for cropping together.....hehehe
De Rozali are (from left to right):

What's the meaning of Rozali? Well, it's kinda coincidence too. One day Key found a sticker in sundanese. The stickers says :ROJALI -Rombongan Jalma Lieur. And that's fit our profile.It means a group of people that's a little bit crazy (in a good way of course). We always having fun everywhere we go, laugh together and eat together also not to forget we always take picture. Well, not always good picture but also fun crazy too that it's embarrassing if i put that here. ^0^
To make the name prettier and fancier wi change the "J" with "Z".

Well, as De Rozali we have a sccrapbook class and want to make a scrap community for the younger age. Hope it will come true.......

If you want to see us, come and visit us @ CraftJazz at Kota Baru Parahyangan 9-11 July 2010.
Or visit as @ Tobucil Jl. Aceh no.56 Bandung to join our scrap class. 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Page About Me!

There so many things about myself that I just discovered recently. Not to mention some things that always changing in me. Then this make me realize that I'm unique, not a freak. I'm the treasure that I always looking. I'm the one who has to be satisfied by me, not anybody else.

I Love Teaching

In the past 6 years my profession is teacher. Kindergarten, Play Group and second grade teacher. I loving every moment of it, feels like becoming a mother for several children at once and for a few hours every day 5 days a week. The children teach many things to me, so it just not I teach them but they've become my teacher too.
No one can picture me teaching little children especially I never have the patient or the urge to close with little children. My friends quite impressed with that.

Recently, I expanding my teaching experience to teaching scrapbooking @ TOBUCIL. I wanted to build a community of scrapper at my home town. Most of my scrapper are mothers or crafter. But today's class my scrapper were children, range from 6 to 12 years old + my new scrapper buddy too.
Look at how serious they working their own page. The wonderful thing about children are they willing and dare to explore many things without many excuses. We should learn that from them. Other things too, they want to try and finish the work with their own sweat. Cool, girls........keep on it. Though sometimes, they shout "please help, this one is hard" or they sighing because they tired after cutting so many letters for their page tittle. But, they didn't give up and continue to work it out until they's finished.

This is the process making "10 Things About Me". Lulu, Zahra, Andrea, Zenas, Pacha and Imey were thinking hard about those 10 things, they're really really thinking hard.
Loving their process of creativity !

Here are they with their scrap page "10 Things About Me" (well, not all of them make journaling about 10 things....but that's the theme).
Look at their face......this pic make my heart warm and happy and I can't stop smiling all day......
Thank you, dear friends!

See you all soon ^0^

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Movies that makes me laugh

After a few months, at last I watched something @ the cinema. The last movie I saw was Alice in Wonderland 3D. And may favourite kind of movie is that can make me laugh and sometimes be romantic or sometimes action too (but not to much of bang bang.....the sounds make my ears hurt, this happen when I saw Public Enemy). And this one have action (enough dose for me), romance and comedic too......
Though many critics says this movie was not that good to watch but it was good enough for me to entertain me......well, the proof was my stomach hurt from laughing a lot....... ^0^
I must take off my hat for Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz for doing the stunt by themself without stunt person. hahahaha...though they're a little bit late don't you think....we know what Jackie Chan do...right?
The funny scenes in this movie for some people maybe it is to cliche, about a damsel in distress and rescued by a prince charming with amazing talent for fighting. Well, the little twist was later in here Summer (Diaz) will rescue the prince Knight (Cruise). And the funniest scene was when he rescue her @ Seville, she said that he didn't look happy to meet here (she said that after being druged with truth serum) and he rushed to her side with gun shot as their backgroung (yeah, I know it is soooooo cliche.....but that's the funny all that situation how could they have the time to kiss????).

Next movie i wanted to watch are :

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Books

I must admit that I really enjoying fantasy books, for children or young adult. I dont' know why but that was it. Maybe because some fantasy story like Lord of the Rings and Percy Jackson have a mythology background. Something that I really like from I was just a little girl. Other fantasy I like is Harry Potter series, Immortal Instruments series and Twilight. And weirdly enough, something that I just realize recently, that all fantasy books are series....not only one book, but 3 or more books.....hmmmmmmm How about you?

Scrapbook Lover

Hehehe....I'm a Scrapbooker and lovin' it.....Though I'm not the page lover, but I'm enjoying making one. The reason is because my house is small and there's no place to put my scrapbook pages. Sad, isn't it?
Some sample from my Scrap Marathon years ago.
I always fascinated with patterns, from fabric to paper to wall paper. This is something that my mom give her children, it is in our dna. At first there was no scrapbook store @ my town and i just use some old magazine pages or wrapping paper. Also I don't like using my own's make me uncomfortabble.
But 5 years ago, I found out there was a store that actually sell some scrap supplies though it's still limited. I found her @ Pasar Seni ITB. And I learned a lot from her, her name is Ria Nirwana.
Since that, I cannot stop scrapbooking....and I start loving using my own photos and tried not to be so narcisistic (yeah, sure........).
Right, now I in a mission making a scrapbook community in my home town.....because I need other to study and changing ideas together. That is so refreshing and helpful for me.....wish me luck ^0^

My own blog

Akhirmnya, setelah menetapkan hati dan pikiran dibikin juga deh blog ini. Selama ini selalu beralasan gak ada waktu, gak bisa update.....tapi belakangan tergiur setelah sering blog hopping dan liat-liat kreatifitas orang-orang di blog. Wow.....harus dicoba nih.......